How Pfizer's influencer marketing boosted Children's Advil

Stephen Whiteside

Modern moms have become so reliant on their peers for online advice about goods and services that digital pockets of interest have become critical points of connections for brands – destinations that Children's Advil, Pfizer Inc.'s over-the-counter medication for kids, has successfully tapped into using influencer marketing.

"A product endorsement from a mom to another mom is going to carry a lot of weight, and trust, and influence," Pina Hornyak, senior consumer engagement manager at Pfizer, told delegates at ad:tech New York, a two-day conference held in November 2013.

Recommendations on social media are especially powerful vehicles that mothers use to discover brands that may benefit their family. "If you can think of any consumer that's online in the social space, you know moms are spending a lot of their time there," said Hornyak. "It was just a very natural and fitting environment to intersect with moms in a meaningful way."