Brand Champions Of Tomorrow

Don Sexton, Professor Of Marketing, Columbia University

Brandon Paine is completing his M.B.A. at Columbia University and is currently an account director and senior client partner at DoubleClick, Inc. He works with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Cendant, Starwood Hotels, Bose, Prudential, Redcats USA, and Weight Watchers International. Prior to joining DoubleClick, he was director of policy for where he managed the company's government affairs. His experience in technology and digital marketing began in 1996 during the Internet's infancy, and he has served as an officer and principal of digital marketing firms such as Convergence Mediagroup and Quokka Sports.

Brandon was a student in my Columbia University seminar on building and managing brands and received the highest grade in the class, both for his written analyses and for the many insights he contributed to the class discussions. In his provocative article,“Is Email Helping Or Hurting Your Brand?” Brandon raises several important issues about a medium that many take for granted. These issues include the role email can play in one's overall branding strategy and the role it currently plays. Brandon argues, and I agree, that if you do not pay attention to email when you think of your branding strategy, you may lose an opportunity or, worse, harm your brand. In the article, he makes several sound recommendations for developing an email strategy to help your brand.