PNOzorg: Boring guys

TBWA\Neboko Downtown

Entry Information

Country where program ran: The Netherlands
Program start date: 11/15/12
Program end date: 12/15/12
Advertiser/Client Name: PNOzorg
Product/Service Description: PNOzorg provides health insurance services. The company was created from a pensions provider for employees in the public broadcasting industry in the Netherlands, to whom they also started offering health insurance.
Category: Insurance (IS)


Business problem

Specific Dutch context
All residents of the Netherlands over the age of 18 are required to purchase basic health insurance for themselves and their families. In 2006, the health insurance market was fully privatized by the government. Health insurance is currently provided by commercial and not-for-profit insurers. Consumers have the option to switch insurance companies at the end of each year if they feel another provider's terms or conditions better suit their needs.