Why mobile demands the diverse strengths of a full-service agency

Geoffrey Precourt

Just as soon as commerce and marketing started to move online, pundits began to clamor about a "digital divide". In the last two decades, as penetration levels have grown, the "divide" has remained a hot topic of discussion, even as the nature of the division has changed.

Initially, it was about the haves and the have-nots – a split between the technical and cultural elite on the one hand and the common man on the other. But at the 2013 IAB MIXX 2013 Conference in New York City, another layer of separation bubbled to the surface.

Just as there were digital agencies that were carping about the inefficiencies of synching creative with larger, more traditional shops, there were powerful arguments from some of the strongest legacy agency brands about their ability to take a message efficiently – and seamlessly, in terms of content intent – from one platform to another.