Synergistic Co-Creation: A Blend of Art and Science

Deepa Soman
Lumière Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

Prakash Dadiani
Godrej Industries, India.


Synergy is the working together to produce an effect greater than the sum of the individual effects. Co-creation is the coming together of two words, 'cooperate' and 'creation'.

This paper titled 'Synergistic Co-creation: A blend of art and science' tables a coming together to create a small facet of the transformational change vision of Godrej Industries. This vision was brought alive by the Godrej Strategic Marketing Group (SMG) at Godrej ably partnered with Lumière, the research agency.

This paper demonstrates the co-creation via synergistic partnering led by the SMG with external teams to bring about exponential thinking. It results in the creation of an eco-system of innovation via consumer immersions, and has immense possibilities to create a stream of future consumers by shifting the way a 100 year old organization is viewed henceforth; as a modern, innovative and leading edge organization.