Buster Plughole Care - The Big Clean-Up


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You're a small Ipswich-based company who makes small bottles of sink and plughole cleaner. You moved from obscurity on supermarket shelves in 2004. You're now hoping to increase your sales and distribution. However, faced with a global recession and mega-brand competitors such as Domestos and Mr. Muscle, the marketplace isn't exactly beckoning.

In such an unwelcoming environment, how do you persuade more people to buy your products? Simple. Grab your USP - your products do separate jobs while others are all-purpose – and run with it.

In tough times, consumers look for products that really work because they can't afford to waste money. Specialist rather than generalist brands work better. By re-designing the packaging for both Buster's products, our aim was to get noticed for their specialist approach to plughole care.