Samu Social: A woman's nightmare

Campaign details

Company Name: Publicis Conseil
Country: France
Client name: SAMUSOCIAL
Entry category: Non-profit Organisations and Non-governmental Bodies
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 12/3/2012 to 30/4/2012

Campaign summary

Background: In Paris, the only homeless women's emergency shelter was due to close permanently on May 31, 2012. Samusocial of Paris, the homeless people emergency service, asked us to alarm public opinion. The objective: to keep the shelter open. How? By provoking a very strong call-to-action. The audience: net surfers and influential bloggers. Why? Because during presidential election time, the government is very sensitive to their opinion.


  • Create a buzz: encourage those who see the interactive film to sign the petition.
  • Get enough signatures on the petition/raise enough awareness so that the shelter stays open.