The art and science of marketing

Philip Almond

JUDIE LANNON: How did you get into marketing? Did you train for it, or was it a vocation or did you just fall into it?

PHILIP ALMOND: I suppose you could say I fell into it. I went to the Careers Service in my last year at university and they looked at my experience and said advertising was a combination of commerce and art. So that's what I did. I started off at Ogilvy & Mather on their graduate scheme and after two years went off to work in arts admin, in the early days of what was then called alternative comedy. At 25, I decided I needed to sort my life out. I talked to a lot of people to work out what to do, and eventually took a job at Craton Knight and Lodge, which was a new product consultancy. It was there that I got interested in proper marketing. The agency side is fascinating but I was really more interested in the client side, being able to run the whole thing and make the decisions.