The best defense Is a great offense

Ken Kaess


Well, hello, again…. just a few weeks ago I thought I would be saying my goodbyes at this meeting and bidding the 4A's chairmanship farewell. But as you know, due to some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, I will continue in the capacity of chairman for another year.

It's important for you to know that I am not continuing in this post grudgingly. I'm proud and ready to do so. In fact, the 4As has voted to extend the chairman's term to two years on an ongoing basis, enabling each leader more time to implement his or her initiatives and make a lasting contribution to our industry.

Unfortunately, like last year, I have to preface my remarks to this group with the statement that it has been a turbulent year for our world, our economy, and our industry. As an industry, we have mourned the disappearance of some of our stalwart industry brands like Darcy and Bozell. Most of our profit margins have eroded along with our revenues. But I think it's neither very healthy, nor particularly helpful, to dwell on our losses.