Nabob Coffee “Postcards”


Nabob has always been committed to providing people with a better cup of coffee, an idea well articulated in it's tagline, “better beans, better coffee.” It is the #3 coffee brand in Canada and the #1 premium coffee brand.

Nabob has been a Canadian Icon for over 50 years and Nabob's passion for coffee began in 1896 when two determined grocers founded a wholesale food company in Vancouver, Canada. The original idea was blending premium imported beans into a product they named Tradition coffee, the Nabob brand was born. For a number of years, Nabob competed with Maxwell House head to head. Nabob was a west coast brand and was expanding to Eastern Canada while Maxwell House was strong in the East and was expanding to Western Canada. In 1994, Kraft Canada acquired the Nabob company to fill the needs of the premium coffee segment and is now the largest mainstream premium roast and ground coffee brand in Canada.