Temporal destruction, personalisation and pure innovation: Insights from Most Contagious 2013

Lena Roland

Consumer privacy, connected experiences and purposeful branding were among the main influences at work in the marketing ecosystem over the last 12 months, and each of these subjects were discussed during Most Contagious, an annual conference organised by marketing consultancy Contagious and held in London in late 2013.

Temporal destruction, endangered secrets and privacy

Privacy was a dominant theme throughout the day. Paul Kemp-Robinson, co-founder and editorial director at Contagious, suggested that revelations regarding the sweeping surveillance powers of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US had made this subject the "biggest story" of last year.

Indeed, according to the Harris Poll, concerns about this matter had prompted a majority of 2,089 respondents across America to change their web privacy settings, of which 89% were in the 18–44 year old demographic.