New Zealand Transport Agency: Ghost Chips

Clemenger BBDO Wellington

Advertiser: New Zealand Transport Agency
Brand: New Zealand Transport Agency
Country: New Zealand


Our overall objective

Stop young guys from driving drunk and killing themselves.

The context

Drink driving in provincial and rural communities in NZ is commonplace. Over 1,000 people are injured or killed each year in crashes caused by young drunk drivers1. The drivers most at-risk are Maori males under 24 years.

Drinking is a central part of provincial life. Even the smallest communities have pubs, and young guys have easy access to alcohol for parties. Drinking connects everyone and any occasion becomes a drinking opportunity.

A few beers with the boys often turns into a big night. They don't plan to drive drunk; they just don't plan ahead. Public transport is limited, it's too far to walk and they need the car in the morning. The Cops aren't always around so, with a drunk head, the easiest thing to do is to drive home.