Slurpee: BYO Cup Day

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne

Advertiser: 7-Eleven Stores Australia

Author: B. Cliffe

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K

Strategic communications challenge

Slurpee – the original self-serve frozen drink – plays an important role in 7-Eleven Australia's retail offer as a traffic driver for the all-important youth segment. Not only does the brand have to compete with heavily promoted chilled drink brands sold within the store, it also contends with a rapidly expanding 'Frozen Coke' offer in rival retail outlets, QSRs and cinema multiplexes. Slurpee sales are highly seasonal, with sales peaking during the summer months (and marketing investment in the brand follows this pattern).

The Challenge

In 2011, we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to kick-start the Slurping season in September with a promotion to engage core drinkers earlier in the year and to encourage them to begin their consumption of Slurpee earlier than they normally would.