Ogilvy on Recession - Digital in a downturn: Smart strategies for tough times

Tim Broadbent, Kent Wertime, Christopher Graves, Jeff Froud, Jerry Smith, Soames Hines and David Young


"It is not the strong, nor the intelligent who survive, but those who are quickest to adapt."
Charles Darwin

Virtually all businesses today are considering how they will manage through the global financial crisis. Many companies turn to cost cutting as the (seemingly) only viable strategy. This, in turn, often triggers a reassessment of how they are using their funds in a variety of areas, including marketing and communications. Perhaps your company is doing this right now, too - or will need to do so in the coming months.

Some companies decide to simply do less of what they have been doing. Others, however, choose to shift to new strategies or consider new marketing and sales demand generation options - particularly if the change of funding makes old ways less viable.