Kraft Foods: Every Canadian Community Wants To Be a 'Kraft Hockeyville'

From Toronto, Ontario to Terrace, British Columbia, there's one thing EVERY Canadian community wants to beand that is “Kraft Hockeyville!” Kraft Hockeyville is the personification of a Canadian marketing success story. By understanding Canadian's passion for food, passion for hockey, and passion for their communities this program was born. Since it's early and instantly successful inception; smart, creative, and actionable consumer research along with marketplace understanding has kept the program exciting, innovative and evolving. This is one of the most recognized and rewarded 360 degree sports promotions in Canadian history. Consumer understanding is at the heart of this program and has been instrumental in keeping it fresh and exciting each year.


Kraft Canada partnered with the NHL (National Hockey League), the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and the NHL PA (Players Association) and Canadian consumers & retailers, to build a consumer promotion like no other. The “Kraft Hockeyville” promotion, which launched November (2009), and ended the following September (2010), was built from a program initially launched in 2006. This case study, is the story of how research, marketplace learnings, and analytics took a small scalable idea, and built it into a national, award winning, highly engaging consumer promotion. At the heart of the program is Kraft Canada supporting local skating rinks and community centres. It connects friends and family through their passion for hockey and promotes physical activity and lifestyle through sport.

What is Kraft Hockeyville?