AT&T gets to grips with mobile marketing

Stephen Whiteside

With over 115 million wireless customers throughout the United States, AT&T possesses almost unrivalled expertise in the field of mobile communications. To date, however, its advertising strategy has largely remained focused on a medium that is rather less interactive than the devices and services it sells.

"We're a TV-centric advertiser," Charlie Hinton, AT&T Mobility's executive director/marketing analytics and advertising insights, told delegates at the MMA Forum, an event organised by the Mobile Marketing Foundation and held in New York City.

"We do love digital. We know that mobile is important. But the way we got to market is TV first – kind of 'set it and forget it', and it runs for six to eight weeks. With mobile, it's just a different animal. And we're trying to learn, as a marketer, how to leverage the creative execution of mobile with our partner vendors."