Me_Dia or You_Dia? New media trends across UK, Singapore and Thailand

John Coll
Synovate Censydiam, United Kingdom

Radhecka Roy
Synovate, Singapore

Duncan Dodds
Synovate, Thailand


Everybody is talking about us ...” could well be the song for new media! With explosion of new media options – notably online media – there has been a general feeling of optimism and opportunism when one looks at the 'concept' of new media. But decisions have been plagued with anxiety, insecurity and helplessness. Even if one acknowledges the relevance of new media beyond just critical mass, one is confounded by the relative lack of control and the correspondingly increasing power the consumer is wielding when it comes to engaging with the new media.

Synovate decided that the only way to make meaning out of all this was to go ahead and actually conduct a study to understand consumer's motivations in engaging with all media – old/established to new/recent media. The motivational framework of Censydiam was used effectively to help plot the United Kingdom as representative of the Western market and Singapore first and then Thailand as representative of the emerging Asian markets. The experiment is ongoing and in the future we will have many more markets to plot on the media landscape and derive more insights.