Chobani: A love story about yoghurt


Everyone loves a good David and Goliath story. And, this paper is just that.

It's the improbable tale of how a small, young yogurt company went head-to-head with industry goliaths who controlled two-thirds of the market, had over 100 years of experience, and 20 times the budget and somehow still ended up on top.

The planning team recognized early on that the goliaths had an established way of doing things. A formula. And, therein lay an opportunity. This case explains how with fresh eyes we were able to see flaws in the category conventions and instead introduce our yogurt in a completely new way. A way that we discovered was true to what the company was all about and true to how our early adopters who'd discovered the product first felt. It shows how far an underdog brand can go when they take the emotional high ground and appeal to consumers' hearts, not heads. All the way to the top. The very top.


A Man among giants