2013: The Breakout Year for Mobile Measurement - What every marketer needs to know about push notifications, SMS and mobile email messaging in 2013

Brendan O'Kane
OtherLevels, United States

Welcome to the age of mobile measurement

Companies have been measuring customer response to direct marketing messages since long before the Internet. However, the intelligence gathered back then is not even a microscopic fraction of the volume of consumer data being gathered now through mobile devices (Lynch, 2012).

As consumers adopt smartphones and tablets at soaring rates, they make more of their everyday social and financial transactions on those devices. Marketers are racing to make sense of the copious data those transactions generate, harness what the data says about their customers, and then act on that information (Olenski, 2012).

Marketers delivering messages to consumers through non-mobile channels have a wealth of long-established choices, industry-wide best practices and measurement standards arrived at over decades. Until very recently though, marketers who target mobile customers have had limited options for gauging message impact and, when necessary, reworking messages that do not deliver ROI.