Nestlé Nespresso S.A.: Nespresso George Clooney III

Nespresso, the super premium portioned coffee brand, offers “The Ultimate Coffee Experience” through all the elements of its marketing mix.

While the entry of consumers in Nespresso Club is the essence of its business model, the main challenge of Nespresso's advertising agency is to enlarge Club Membership.

Since 2006, this role has been achieved by the George Clooney saga with outstanding effectiveness, thanks to an exceptional capacity to develop the desirability of the brand.

However, in Autumn 2008, Nespresso and its agency faced 3 main challenges in European markets:

  1. The saga had been already airing since 2006, with 2 different and both very successful episodes: how to renew the interest of the public?

  2. As new competitors recently entered the system category and challenged Nespresso, how to maximize brand strength in this increasingly competitive environment?