Please, please, please can we ban the C-word?

Julian Saunders
The Joined Up Company

Words really matter and the fate of brands can be decided by them.

Words get stripped of their meaning if used too often. This is called semantic satiation: words progressively lose their potency through over-repetition. Our business overflows with words such as 'brand', 'engagement', 'target audience', 'core values' and, my particular bugbear, 'content'. Content is very hot now, turbocharged by all manner of 'brand engagement'.

So does the overuse of certain words matter?

The danger is that we stop thinking about what words mean. They cease to have a personal impact and become important-sounding buzzwords that we intone in the sure knowledge that we will not be challenged to say exactly what we mean.

Words become something we hide behind or just a way for people to signal that they belong to the same professional tribe.