O2: One small step for mobile phone users, one giant leap for O2


Company profile

Our business philosophy is best captured in our company Mantra, 'Ideas that grow business'.

It is this philosophy that has seen Rothco grow over the past 15 years to what we believe is now the best collective of advertising talent in this marketplace. We are a thoughtful, curious, commercially astute and creative organisation. We bring a high level of passion to everything we do.

We are 50 people who come to work every day to help deliver on this Mantra for our clients. Every day is a chance to affect our clients' businesses. Every brief is unique and each client challenge is very real. Finding a true, compelling idea powerful enough to inspire great creative and simple enough to get noticed is how we deliver on our Mantra.

Introduction & Background

Irish mobile customers have, to put it mildly, commitment issues. They hop in and out of bed with a different mobile phone company as it suits them.