Telefónica O2 – Get in the first line

Agency name: Mather Activation, s.r.o.
Client name: Telefónica 02 Czech Republic
Category: Sponsorship/Joint Effort/Tie-in


Telefónica O2 is a partner of the Czech Extraliga, the top ice hockey league in the Czech Republic

O2 has several products linked to ice hockey, one of them being an O2 TV that lets people watch any of Extraliga matches LIVE on their television. 


Ice hockey is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic. 

The Extraliga is a hockey league with 14 best hockey teams of the country. 

Hockey matches have many spectators, both in the stadiums and those who watch matches on TV. 

Each club has its own fans and there is a strong rivalry between fans of different clubs, therefore it is difficult to reach all ice hockey fans by running a universal campaign.