Kapiti on a Stick

Category: New Product or Service Introduction
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Advertiser: Fonterra Brands (Tip Top) Ltd


In 2009, the small premium take-home market was cluttered by competitors, resulting in limited sales of Kapiti Ice Cream.

In response, Tip Top launched a new product to fight in the far larger Indulgent Impulse sector: Kapiti on a Stick.

The new campaign built a unique positioning, "ice cream by design", with incredible results.


In recent years, the world of premium take-home ice cream had attracted a large number of boutique players and supermarket freezers were stacked with over ten different brands.

Kapiti sales were so low that advertising investment was minimal and new product development (NPD) non-existent. With no "new news" and little advertising support, the brand had the lowest levels of trial and awareness in the category.