What does cinema advertising add to a campaign?


Globally, the cinema represents a good opportunity to reach consumers. According to TGI, the United States is home to the largest proportion of movie-goers, with around a third of people (32 percent) having been to the movies at least once in the last month. Elsewhere in the world, India, Sweden and Mexico also boast high numbers of movie-goers, with at least a quarter of people in each market having been to see a film in the last month.

The lowest levels of movie attendance are in the Eastern European markets. Just 4 percent of respondents in Romania and 5 percent in Poland had been to the movies in the last month.

Despite the variations, some coherent global trends emerge. Movies are particularly important to teens and young adults, who go in larger numbers and more often than older age groups. This is most pronounced in the Asia-Pacific region. In Singapore 52 percent of people aged 18–24 have been to the movies in the last month compared with 3 percent of people aged over 55. In Hong Kong the figure is 40 percent for the younger age group compared with just 1 percent of people over 55.