Headway: James Cracknell - Cycle Helmets

Campaign details

Company Name: AMV BBDO
Country: United Kingdom
Client name: Headway James Cracknell
Entry category: Non-Profit Organizations and Non-Governmental Bodies
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 1/1/2011 to 1/7/2011

Campaign summary

When a cycle helmet saved James Cracknell's life, getting other cyclists to wear helmets became his biggest and most important challenge yet. After he approached likeminded friends within the world of marketing, his testimony became a carefully crafted piece to camera. This was released on youtube via James' own twitter account, and rapidly spread among his followers, their followers and so on, resulting in enviable PR opportunities. Done on a shoestring, but with great attention paid to the planning and creative detail, we have been able to quantify the value of the earned media created for his cause, estimate the multi-million pound savings made in terms of healthcare provision – and be confident of having saved lives.