Actionable shopper insights – conducting in store research that shapes category strategy

Neil Sangster
ACNielsen, Australia


This paper outlines work done to determine the success of a new category segmentation and layout trial. Results are based on in store research with shoppers and sales modelling techniques. Setting clear objectives and identifying key performance measures were critical to the assessment of the success of the trial. The potential benefit to the retailer was an increase in category sales of AUD$23 million.


In an increasingly 'time poor, cash rich' world, shoppers are visiting more stores more frequently. They buy smaller baskets in each store and typically visit two or three stores on an average shopping trip.

As a result of these changing shopping habits the balance of power in the retail world has shifted over the past couple of decades from the manufacturer to the retailer and is now moving towards the shopper. As a result, both manufacturers and retailers stand to benefit by better understanding how people shop and what really impacts their behaviour at the shelf.