Agency Perceptions and Practices on Global IMC

Stephen J. Gould
Dawn B. Lerman
Andreas F. Grein
Baruch College, CUNY

Recent marketplace developments involving the increasingly international management and dispersion of promotion and other marketing decisions suggest that the impact of globalization on integrated marketing communications (IMC) should be examined. Toward that end, Grein and Gould (1996) proposed the concept of Globally Integrated Marketing Communications (GIMC) and indicated that it applied to both global advertising agencies and multinational marketers. This concept extends IMC by adding the international dimension, across country offices, to that of promotional disciplines. It holds that coordinated global management of both dimensions (i.e., across countries and disciplines) is essential for effective outcomes. Such management entails making strategic promotional decisions through the integrated tracking, comparison, and coordination of marketing communications across all relevant global markets, units, or offices in order to maximize both organizational learning and the efficient allocation of resources.