Nice package: Six principles of good packaging design

Ben Chandler
Landor Perspectives 2010

Packaging gets a bad wrap (pun intended)—for everything from destroying the planet to creating an unpleasant sea of “white noise” in the supermarket. The majority of packaging does deserve our derision, however; it’s often bad for the environment, frustrating to open, or just plain ugly.

So when consumers encounter packaging that’s a pleasure to open, easy on the eye, and environmentally conscious, it can have a genuinely positive effect on your brand. What defines a great piece of packaging?


It’s a rare person who enjoys being in a supermarket—it’s often cold, crowded, and visually stressful. So any brand that keeps its message simple, without bombarding us with proclamations, may entice us to reach for it. Supermarket brands can learn from premium food companies such as Simon Johnson, which strips its narrative down to the essentials, creating calm on the shelf. Visually quieting the noise with a simple design is one way to help your product stand out.