California Milk Processor Board: Bedtime stories

Grupo Gallegos

Bedtime story summary

The bad news – milk consumption in the U.S. has been in decline for decades, thanks to an ever-growing array of drink options, fragmented breakfast occasions and alternative milk varieties. The same is true in California.

The good news – years of marketing Milk's benefits to reinforce perceptions amongst a growing Hispanic base, had helped to stem the decline in CA. California Milk Processor Board's 2011 campaign had built upon the well-known, rational benefits of Milk by introducing the emotional territory of "Positivity". As a result, brand scores and consumption had reached an all time high with CA Latinos.

And therein was the challenge!

With already such high consumption levels, how much further could we "milk" the saturated occasion of breakfast? We needed to find a new avenue – to venture beyond the traditional occasion.