Agency: Author: Jason Chebib

Acting on Impulse - A Brand That Ditched Flowers, and Blossomed


In 1996, while we plotted the latest chapter in Impulse's history, the brand was coping. Coping with pressures that stemmed from being a seventies brand in a nineties world.

Impulse had already taken steps towards re-inventing itself. A successful change of clothes – gone the shiny metallic can and dark colours, welcome fresh pastels and a modern matt exterior. A quantum leap in improving the fragrance – new variants designed in the US by Anne Gottlieb, responsible for cK one and cK be. Three new scents based on current favourite ingredient, vanilla. 02, a 'citrus floral' wearing lime-green, had come from nowhere to be the best-selling Impulse variant (nearly one in four cans purchased). Of the top ten bodysprays bought in the UK, nine were Impulse.