Multi-screen media planning: Audience measurement

Antonio Carvalho
Kantar Media Audiences

Set-top boxes provide lots of data on viewing across platforms, but planners need to assess the levels of granularity that are appropriate for each campaign.

There has been much talk about how much the TV landscape is altering as technology continues to develop, yet, in essence, it is still the same entity that it has been for many years – an emotional and social hub, and a favourite way for people to relax and socialise at home.

However, it is the case that television is becoming increasingly centred on the content rather than the platform. A TV set used to be in a fixed location (usually the living room), where viewers went to consume the content it offered. Now 'watching TV' is a much more generic term, as the same content might be viewed on a PC, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or via a games console. Even the TV set is in the process of a major makeover, as connected TVs, which bring together linear TV and the internet, are being adopted, even if most are not yet 'connected'.