World Gold Council, India: Don't spend on Diwali, invest in gold

Yousuf Rangoonwala

Campaign details

Brand owner: World Gold Council
Agency: BBH Communications India Private Ltd, Mumbai
Brand: World Gold Council, India
Country: India
Channels used: Magazines - consumer, Newspapers, Outdoor, out-of-home, Radio, Television
Media budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

This is the story of how gold came back into serious consideration as an item to be bought and invested in, not by using its age-old message of prosperity and being an 'auspicious symbol' but by actually changing its target audience.

In India, its largest market in the world, gold was falling in demand around the time of Diwali – the festival where it had traditionally held sway but was now losing out to the lure of trivial consumerism in the form of television sets, cars and consumer durables. Diwali had been culturally diluted by marketers, from being an occasion for wealth building to being an endless shopping spree. Gold's target audience – the woman of the household – had become the pet girl of capitalism, in a country new to the promises made to the consumer of a perfect life built around goods and services.