Greenhousing with caring consumers

Karina Meyer
Lux brand globally, Unilever Brazil, Brazil

Rony Rodrigues
Box 1824, Brazil


Developing innovative products and creating different ideas has never been a problem for Unilever. The company spent years and years investing in internal techniques and processes to ensure the development of innovative products for the marketplace. The aim of each launch is always to anticipate trends, or at least keep up with them, since most projects start to be developed two years before their launch. However, testing innovation has always been a problem. Very bold, innovative ideas or ideas that did not make an immediate consumer need explicit were usually rejected, often not because they were irrelevant or uninteresting, but for the simple reason that the consumer was not ready to absorb the information at that time, or because of the language, which was often not the most appropriate or the clearest to explain a given idea.