Royal Australian Air Force: Cracking the recruitment efficiency code

Agency: George Patterson Y&R Melbourne

Advertiser: Defence Force Recruiting

Author: Adrian Mills & Tom Ward

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K


Every child wants to grow up to be a Maverick, a Goose or a Jester, right? * So how hard can it be to recruit great candidates for the Australian Air Force?

Well, the answer is - harder than you'd think.

There's a good reason for this. Whilst a large part of the role of those with responsibility for recruitment to the Australian Air Force is to recruit the glamour boys who fly the planes, a far greater amount is focused on recruitinq the people who support these more high profile flyers.

One such area is Communications and IT. These are the guys and gals whose job it is to use the latest technologies to analyse and decipher highly classified signals information. This is IT at the bleeding edge - using computer and coding skills to help keep Australia safe.