Tablet research

Charles Young and Sonya Duran

Tablets are being used to capture television viewers' responses to ads in real time, offering an alternative to conventional advertising pre-testing in a truer-to-life context.

What if instead of looking through a focus group one-way mirror, an advertising manager could look through the flat-screen TV in the consumer's home and watch her in a real-world setting? He would likely see her watching the big screen while intermittently looking down at her tablet or smartphone, before looking up again. She could be engaged in countless activities while simultaneously viewing TV. Possibly catching up with the latest news using CNN's app? Maybe texting a friend about something she saw on TV? Maybe looking up an actor starring in a programme? Or possibly buying something online that she saw on a commercial?

Each of these possibilities not only has implications for the advertising manager, but also reminds us how the world of advertising has changed.

The new research triangle