On the other hand ...

The Case for Honesty in Advertising: P&G, Leo Burnett, Tampax and the Zack16 Technicolor Yawn


Shooting the bull a few minutes back, cherished reader, you’ll recall Tummler opining that whilst many who ride the adland carousel deserve a short-sharp kick in the butt, our calling remains one of the planet’s better-regulated business sectors.  Compared with investment banking, say, or real estate, it’s a veritable nunnery.

More often than not, adland’s most heinous offence is mediocrity – a shortcoming usually exposed double-quick by a client’s southbound sales graph, and rectified by said client’s informing Ad Age or Campaign that a request for agency proposals is in the mail.

McCann-Erickson once flaunted (still flaunts, Tummler hopes) above its portal the stirring slogan ‘Truth Well Told’. There’s no more glorious banner under which the serried ranks of adland should proudly march. Even in this ephemeral age of digital dilettantes, truth remains the bedrock of all effective advertising.