BrainJuicer: Let's get emotional about advertising

New evidence suggests there might be a better approach to advertising pre-testing.


The established and prevalent model of advertising and pre-testing dictates that business effectiveness lies in communicating a well-branded and persuasive message, with sufficient 'cut-through' to gain the viewer's conscious attention.

Anyone with an interest in Behavioural Economics and how humans make decisions will be familiar with System 1 and System 2 thinking, a model that describes the mind as being composed of two "competing" parts: System 1 forms impressions and gut judgments; System 2 favors reflective and deliberative thought. Our capacity for System 2 thinking is limited. Our actions, including purchasing decisions, however, often rely on (System 1) gut feelings that come easily to mind.

Advertisers currently think about advertising entirely in System 2 terms - our System 2 mind with its limited processing ability is alerted to a new piece of information, which, when processed, persuades us of a brand's benefits.