DB Export: Beer – The untold story

Category: Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: DB Breweries


Using a variety of channels and activities and successfully combining tradition and innovation, this campaign single-handedly revived DB Breweries' Export family of beers and reversed nearly a decade of declining sales.

Since 2002, six campaigns had tried to revive the DB Export brand – this was a last ditched effort to breathe life into what once was the brand of choice among students and young professionals, and a mainstay of the New Zealand beer category.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives

Research found that the Export family of beers lacked the three things that a beer brand needs most: brewing credibility, authentic history, and masculinity. The perception was that Export had been invented by the marketing department; it had no credible history; and after seeing years of advertising featuring girls, Export was not considered to be masculine enough to drink.