HEMOBA: My blood is red and black

Agency: Leo Burnett Brasil
Advertiser: HEMOBA / Esporte Clube Vitória
Country: Brazil


The blood bank's collection and blood processing units have as their greatest challenge maintaining a constant volume of blood donations throughout the whole year, and the only way to keep enough blood in stock is by impelling more volunteers, people who have spare time to go to the collection sites and donate their blood.

In this context there is Hemoba, in the state of Bahia in Brazil. HEMOBA is a public foundation with 24 blood collection and processing units distributed throughout the state. They sought us out to help them to create, develop and execute a public campaign calling more donors to the blood bank.

According to a global study on the matter1, the biggest obstacles that blood banks face in keeping up a steady volume of donations are:

  • Fear: of needles, contamination, pain, medical de-qualification, etc.
  • Apathy: no personal relationship between donor and patient.
  • Convenience: Access to collection site, hectic daily lifestyle, among others