Measuring Brand Strength: Concept and Mobile Handset Study

Anupama Tiwari and Dilip Roy


Due to increasing global competition and rapidly changing consumer priorities, an organization needs to be more aware than ever before of the many underlying forces that impact on a brand's ongoing strength. In this scenario, a brand strength model is developed which compares the performances of the inter-brand and creates a more holistic and accurate way of understanding and evaluating brand strength. For this, nine distinct parameters of brand strength have been identified, each of which has an important role in measuring the brand's ability to generate value and analyze the performance of global players. In the battle of brands, the proposed brand strength model can finely demark the market out-performer, market performer and the market under performer. This model gives companies a tool to examine the position of their offers in the market and develop strategies for continuous improvement. For demonstration purposes an empirical study has also been presented for leading brands in mobile handsets.