Irish Life


Introduction & Background

The financial category is challenging because for the consumer it is associated automatically with a lot of negatives. The category, even in the "good times" has always suffered from the double disadvantage of being both low interest and complex. But following the financial crisis of 2008 and its serious on-going negative and very real repercussions for just about every aspect of life in Ireland, it is fair to say that the financial category had added a whole other bunch of negative strings to its bow and was now buckling under the sheer weight of these.

The financial category was loud in its quietness after the financial collapse. This sector which had experienced year on year growth through the boom years had seen a significant decline as evidenced by the total drop in advertising spend (e.g. Ref 1 Share of Voice (SOV) - Value at €83m in 2008 versus Value €57m in 2011)