Carlsberg: Bikers

Duval Guillaume Modem Antwerp

Advertiser: Carlsberg Group
Brand: Carlsberg
Country: Belgium


Carlsberg, with its well-known baseline "Probably the best beer in the world" has always been portrayed in Belgium as a premium badge brand representing a stylised, sublimely sophisticated world – only a couple of years ago, it launched a contest in which participants could win a private jet for a week!

The change of the baseline into "That calls for a Carlsberg", decided internationally, was an opportunity to reposition the brand as more accessible, more contemporary and more relevant for a younger consumer group, i.e. 20-30 year olds, while still remaining stylish (and therefore worth its premium price).

Therefore, the objectives were …

  1. Interim objectives
    1. Create a buzz / PR value
    2. Establish an online presence and reputation for Carlsberg
    3. Awareness of the new baseline "That calls for a Carlsberg"
  2. Brand objectives
    1. Increased brand awareness amongst new target group
    2. Improve brand image amongst new target group, on items:
      1. Contemporary
      2. Rewarding (in line with the new international positioning)
      3. Refreshing
      4. (Maintain good score on) "stylish"
    3. Create a relationship with the new target group