HiPP Organic Branding and Packaging Redesign

Design Activity Ltd

Client: HiPP UK Ltd
Category: Packaging (Branded - Food)

Executive summary

HiPP was the number two brand in wet baby food behind Cow & Gate but was only marginally ahead of Heinz, As the original 'organic' food brand, HiPP's proposition was unique, but this platform had been eroded by new competitor offerings and the launch of new style formats such as pouches. In particular, 'organic' was being devalued in jars (the biggest category) due to permanent cross brand multi-buy promotions across all supermarkets, allowing mums to buy any brand for the same price.

The launch of pouches with their premium positioning and organic status, was further eroding any premiumisation HiPP had, through the perception that pouches were fresher, more natural and less processed than jars. The increasing negative perceptions about jars (and their contents) made it clear to HiPP that re-establishing food values in this format was an absolute necessity.