The Y2K Crisis for Marketing Managers

Anne Hagen
The McLean Group

Typically, marketing can be broken down into different categories such as PR/communication, design assessment, and market research. But now, with the information age upon us, an all new range of technical skills and marketing tools (i.e. Web site design, contact databases, design software, etc.) become crucial for the development of a business.

Marketing managers working in small companies, from 20 to 200 employees, face the challenge of broadening their technical skills in order to maintain control over their projects on a financial and managerial level. In small businesses where resources are scarce, it is much more cost effective for a company to hire well-rounded managers. While this may also be true for other departments as well, it is especially relevant to marketing.

Marketing managers in small companies are constrained by limited resources. Creative skills become especially useful when a budget is nowhere to be seen. The marketing department usually ends up with an insufficient amount of manpower, which in many cases, forces managers to wear many hats. One moment, they are event planners booking a room for the company's fifth year anniversary and the next moment, they are graphic designers laying out the invitations of this very same event. It's no secret: a limited budget creates the need for a well-rounded, multi-tasking staff.