Pampers: Bellies in concert


The rhythm that moves latinas — feel it kick


One in four babies being born in the United States is Hispanic, the 2010 census tells us. For Pampers, this firmly pins future sales growth to the brand's success in connecting with Hispanic moms. Slight problem: The brand hadn't been connecting with Hispanic moms, despite numerous efforts to wrest share from the market leader, Huggies.

For years, with Huggies' strong (one might say impregnable) position in Mexico, the battle was lost before it began. By the time Pampers could reach moms of Mexican background, they already had a relationship with Huggies. There was one ray of hope. That relationship was based in the mom's past, not in the dreams and needs of her future. Perhaps we could connect with her as she was striving to write a new chapter, raising her children in the U.S. Pampers could, just maybe, become a thread connecting what mattered most in her past with her hopes for her future.