Advertising works… in the short term

By Nigel Gilbert

Former Group Marketing Director, Lloyds Banking Group

To most clients, the IPA Effectiveness Awards are the ‘gold standard’ of awards. The ones that reflect most clearly the outcomes to which they aspire. Whilst most of us realise and respect the importance of creative awards to drive the highest standards and to attract, recognise and reward the best creative talents in the industry, every marketing director is under pressure to deliver positive results for their brands and their businesses, as efficiently as possible. Today that pressure is greater than ever.

Quite often the papers that win IPA Effectiveness Awards reflect long-running advertising campaigns that are proven to pay back across a number of years. A great many others show that the advertising had longer-term effects on sales which means that over a three-to five-year period the campaigns will pay back, often handsomely. This is fine, and it's vitally important that all those in and around marketing recognise the longer-term power of communications to build valuable brands and generate good returns.