Talktalk: Brightdancing

CHI & Partners


The purpose of this entry is to demonstrate how, even in a highly commoditised and competitive market, the right participation idea can unlock consumer imagination, brand consideration, sales and market share.

By observing market and consumer trends in the UK, we developed a strategy for TalkTalk that would act as a powerful springboard for a creative idea and ultimately (crucially), for bottom line business success. Our strategy consisted of a two-pronged approach to give us both scale as well as deeper engagement with an audience who wanted to take part.

Facing a gloomy outlook of slowing market growth and declining consumer confidence, we took over sponsorship of the UK’s biggest reality TV show at the time, The X Factor, and created ‘Brightdancing’; a unique and wholly participatory sponsorship campaign.

‘Brightdancing’ offered our audience an easy-to-use digital participation platform. It brought to life the ‘brighter’ TalkTalk brand idea, it positioned TalkTalk as ‘a leader’ brand, it encouraged creation and sharing amongst our audience and it offered them fame as the ultimate prize.