SF SPCA: Puppy Mill campaign

BBDO San Francisco

Advertiser: San Francisco SPCA
Brand: San Francisco SPCA
Country: USA


The following case study focuses on our partnership with the SF SPCA in their mission to educate Bay Area residents on the cruel practices of puppy mills, commercial dog breeding facilities who seek high profit at the expense of the welfare of the animals they breed and sell.

On the surface, convincing people not to purchase puppies from puppy mills seems like an easy task, as very few people would openly support the kind of animal cruelty associated with puppy mills.

Our mission seems even easier when you add the caveat that the people we're talking to live in the Bay Area, a poster city for progressive political causes and social responsibility.

However, deceit is a cornerstone of the puppy mill business model. They're masters at masking their operations and are able to turn large profits by appearing to be reputable breeders. It's estimated that there are as many as 10,000 puppy mills in the United States.1