Tide: Mi Tide

Category: Hispanic
Brand/Client: Tide / Procter & Gamble
Lead Agency: Conill Advertising
Contributing Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group

State of the brand's business

Tide, America's number one laundry detergent, also led the market among Hispanics in the US. While this key ethnic group tends to be associated with a positive outlook towards its financial future as well as a reputation for strong brand loyalty, the magnitude of the current economic recession made Hispanic consumers very cost conscious and drove them to re-evaluate the way they shopped. Without a strong emotional reason to maintain buyer loyalty and sustain brand value, many product categories like fabric care were affected since decisions were increasingly being made based on out of pocket expenditures. This had particularly significant implications for Tide, whose price can be twice as much as the next leading detergent. In spite of their affinity for Tide, Hispanic women began to see its value diminish as evidenced in the drops of Tide's Equity and Value scores: -50 and -67 points respectively (USH Laundry Equity Scan CY 2009 vs. 2010). Consequently, Tide's market leadership began to erode share amongst US Hispanics delivering a flat 101 IYA share (Nielsen All Outlet share data, June 2011), while other competitive value driven detergent brands were gaining ground from both share and equity.

Strategic challenge